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Downtown Aquarium Denver

denver_childrens_museum_july_2007_0211We’re big aquarium fans and try to visit one in each city. The Downtown Aquarium Denver had some really unique features. I’ll say that I was surprised, however, that they didn’t honor any discounts; not other aquarium/zoo memberships or even AAA. Oh well. I definately think it’s worth the admission price, regardless.

I’ll just skim, so I don’t ruin it for you if you go.

When you first go in, there’s the lake fish and otters. Be sure to look up or you’ll miss the catfish swimming overhead. There’s also a place to pan for minerals, which looked fun. Around the corner, that roaring you hear isn’t the giant dinosaur skeleton, it’s thunder. Hug the wall to your right as you round the next turn or you just may get wet from a powerful gushing waterfall!

The biggest surprise was the Sumatran tiger exhibit. They’re on their own island surrounded by plexiglass. Sturdy stuff, I hope. Those guys looked hungry. I overheard an employee telling someone who asked about the fish in the tiger pond say, “Tigers don’t eat fish. They eat meat. And the caretakers always use meals as a reward to get the tigers to behave. That way, the vets don’t have to sedate them during checkups.” That’s probably good for the tigers, but still. I’m glad I’m not a tiger vet! Very cool rainforest exhibit!!

The theme goes from lakes and rivers to rainforests and eventually on to tidepools and oceans.
There are lots of places for kids to poke their heads into a ‘bubble’ and get a ‘fish-eye-view’ of the place. The shark area is pretty cool, with treasure chests and a place to look through the floor.

If you like aquariums, this one is really good. Take your time here, there’s a lot to see, and it’s over too fast!

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