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Red Rocks Park and Ampitheather

co_mtn_drive_july_2007_021 We stopped here on part of our mountain drive. The easiest way to get here is to go through the town of Morrison. Bring picnic supplies to have lunch up in Red Rocks, or eat at one of the restaurants in town.

I wouldn’t say there’s a ton particularly for kids to do here, but as a teenager, they’ll LOVE knowing they’ve been there. Plus there’s plenty of ramps everywhere. It’s very stroller-friendly. No shade, though, so bring an umbrella for extra coverage if you do any walking. We kept our visit very brief. We drove to the top, took some pictures, hit the gift shop and off to lunch.
In the gift shop, there’s a room with maps and guides of the surrounding area. Outside, there is a picnic area, or as I mentioned, you can eat in town in Morrison.
Check out their website for more info: Welcome to Red Rocks

In this picture, you can barely make out the stadium seating and stage. The dark roof above those six little rectangles is the stage. Directly across, to the left, the dark area behind the trees is the seating area. I didn’t want to zoom and lose the mountains in the background. Plus, it really gives a sense of scale. You can really see how this place can be at once endless and intimate. Truly amazing.

I was surprised how smooth and roundy (is that a word? oh well) these HUGE stones were. It’s something I’d expect by a seashore, but this area is practically desert in the summer. Way down at the bottom you can see the handrail for walking up to the stadium. The whole thing is a ramp, so you could easily bring a stroller up.

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