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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

kid-in-poolIf there’s a pool at your hotel, here are some helpful tips about pool saftey from the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • “Make sure adults are trained in life-saving techniques and CPR so they can rescue a child if necessary.
  • Surround your pool on all four sides with a sturdy five-foot fence.
  • Make sure the gates self-close and self-latch at a height children can’t reach.
  • Keep rescue equipment (a shepherd’s hook — a long pole with a hook on the end — and life preserver) and a portable telephone near the pool.
  • Avoid inflatable swimming aids such as “floaties.” They are not a substitute for approved life vests and can give children a false sense of security.
  • Children are not developmentally ready for swim lessons until after their fourth birthday.
  • Swim programs for children under four should not be seen as a way to decrease the risk of drowning.
  • Whenever infants or toddlers are in or around water, an adult should be within arm’s length, providing “touch supervision.” “

here’s the link to my source article:http://parenting.ivillage.com/gs/gssafety/0,,jgdg,00.html

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