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Find vacation rentals on eBay

ebay-logoA very popular way to find vacation rentals is through eBay. Many people use this auction site as a way to rent their vacation home or time share property. I’ve found some that advertise as very kid-friendly.
Some of the kid-friendly features I’ve noticed are:
~video game systems
~swimming pool
~Some are in a theme park area and come with tickets.
~Most are condo-style or are single family homes, so they have a full kitchen, separate bedrooms, etc.
Often times you are dealing directly with the owner, so you can get really specific with your questions before and during your stay. Many of them are very friendly and accommodating.

One key thing, make sure you ask all of your questions BEFORE you place your bid or purchase your stay. You can’t really back out once you do it.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll find on eBay. There are literally hundreds to choose from in just about any destination you can think of.

My top 3 favorite kid-friendly destinations are: San Diego, Orlando and Aruba. I have not made it to Hawaii, but I hear it is also very kid-friendly.

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