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Washington DC – Virginia area

space-shuttleThese tips are from reader Kim T. who visited the DC area, staying in Virginia, with her 2-1/2 year old.

“We went to the National Zoo one day & met friends of ours from Maryland there. Loved it! Because of my son’s age, he doesn’t last as long as most of us when we go site seeing…I’m sure you can relate. About 4 hours, including travel time there, is about it. He fell asleep in the car on the way back to the hotel. Stroller is a must!!! We saw a few animal exhibits & ate lunch we brought.

We also visited The National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center,  Smithsonian Information: (202) 633-1000. This is supposed to be bigger than the Air & Space museum in DC. The Space Shuttle Enterprise was huge & definitely his favorite (& mine too). There is also a huge tower similar to the one they use at the airport. Visitors can go up in the tower & you can see the airport & what air traffic controllers see when they are at work. My son was busy playing with his new $6 Space Shuttle Replica, so I don’t think he would have cared where he was…We got a sandwich @ Panera Bread which adjoined our hotel, the Hyatt Regency Reston in Virginia.”

Thanks, Kim, for sharing these great tips!!

Feel free to share tips from your own town or travels; and yours could be featured on this site, too!

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Washington DC

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