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Holiday Shopping Destinations

mall_of_americaThe Mall of America in Minnesota is a huge shopping mecca for people all over the US… scratch that, the world. Part of the appeal, beyond having hundreds of stores under one roof, is that in Minnesota, we don’t charge sales tax on clothing. So depending on the sales tax rates in your city, that could be a savings up up to 10% right off the bat. Many non-US residents are taking advantage of the weak dollar by coming here with empty suitcases and filling them up with goodies! (Better hurry, though, our dollar is coming back!)

If you do come to Minneapolis/St. Paul for your holiday shopping, turn it into a shopping vacation and bring the kids. There’s plenty to do in our great city for the rest of the family while you shop till you drop! Click here for a list of our favorite local activities.

Of course, everyone is looking to save money this year, so here’s a limited time offer from Travelocity to help you take advantage of a holiday shopping vacation… wherever you choose to go.

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