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Tip for Getting Cheaper Airfare

skyshot-2007-06If there’s one thing that gets me through the brutal cold of a Minnesota January, it’s a trip in February to look forward to. We booked our flights to Orlando today. Ahh, I feel warmer already!

Now, I normally recommend trying to fly during the child’s naptime. But this time the price was too high. Plus, now that our son is 4, he doesn’t nap. The flights during normal day hours were close to $1200. each! We checked early morning flights, (since the boy is an early riser anyway, and we’re going to Disney -so who can sleep the night before that?) and they were $253! Um, yeah, I’ll get on the plane at 7am to save nearly a thousand dollars.

So, check those off-times for flights. It could just make a trip affordable after all.

If you’re headed somewhere warm, check out this link from Travelocity:

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