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Kid Friendly Asheville, North Carolina

photo: KidFriendlyAsheville.com
photo: KidFriendlyAsheville.com

This wonderful guest post, written by Michelle Lee of The Adventures Of Supermom and Kid Friendly Asheville, gives some great ideas for kid friendly summer activities in Asheville, NC.

There is so much to do in Asheville, North Carolina while you are here.   Here are a few of the things I would recommend.

If the weather was really getting hot we could pack some snacks, tennis shoes and camera and hit the Blueridge Parkway. We could drive to Graveyard Fields to hike at the water falls or even head to the top of Pisgah. We could even look for caches with the GPS. The kids love looking for hidden treasures! If the season is right we can pick blueberries. We do this every year. They go well with homemade pancakes.

A fter spending the day out in the mountain air we could hit the family fun movie theater Asheville Pizza Company. You can watch a kid friendly movie while chowing down on some awesome pizza or nachos. They even have a game room the kids can play in. We just have to make sure to bring lots of quarters.

If you are craving some sand and water then we could take a short drive to Lake Lure. They have lots of sand and some cool water slides. It’s right beside Chimney Rock. That’s where some of The Last of the Mohicans was filmed. You have to pay to get in Chimney Rock but it would be an all day adventure. Plus it would tire the kids out for sure. They even have a little strip of novelty shops at Lake Lure. We can park and walk. See the sights and buy some corny souvenir. Whatever you like.

If you want to visit downtown Asheville then we can hit a local restaurant Early Girl on Wall Street. We know the owners and the food is local organic. A hit with the locals!!! Then we could save room and walk over to the Grove Arcade to get the best peanut butter pie at True Confections. My mouth is already watering for the peanut butter pie!

The smaller kids would enjoy the WNC Nature Center. They have a small petting zoo. Bears. Wolves. Cougar. An enormous rabbit!! Older kids might bore but the smaller kids would love. They also have a pool there if you want to take a swim. There is also a park for the kids to swing and slide.

Don’t worry I have a backup plan if it rains. We have a place called the Fun Depot here. ALL INSIDE FUN!!! Bowling. Go carts. Bumper Cars. Video Games. Mini Golf. A soft play area the kids will love to play in. The smaller kids can play in the play area for 3.00 ALL DAY! They also have a great little place to eat there. Awesome burgers and pizza!!

I can name tons of other choices. The Health Adventure has a money exhibit. The North Carolina Arboretum. Chuck E Cheese. Hot Springs.

Whatever your heart desires or the kids beg us to do.

 Michelle is a local blogger and founder of www.theadventuresofsupermom.com and www.kidfriendlyasheville.com.   Michelle is the mom of 4 and loves being a native to Asheville, North Carolina.

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