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SafetyTat: Don’t Let Your Child Leave Home Without One

"The tat that brings kids back!"
"The tat that brings kids back!"

I am a BIG fan of this product line!  Not only is it a great idea, but it’s attractive and easy to use!  I got the chance to try the Quick Stick Write On! SafetyTat and was very impressed with how easily it went on, and STAYED on -all weekend -even in the water park and bathtub. 

SafetyTat creates an award-winning line of temporary tattoos that help keep children safe and connected to their parents.  Original SafetyTats come in several adorable designs, and are applied with water just like traditional temporary tattoos.  Customize them with your cell phone number.  Quick Stick Write On! SafetyTats don’t require water, allowing immediate, on-the-go safety — perfect for when a child is with a caregiver other than you.  Allergy Alerts are a great new addition and come in both Original and Quick Stick options. 

I tried them when my 4-1/2 yr-old son went to his first all-day day-camp (safety camp of all things!) and I was a little nervous to leave him.  The camp was run by local police officers and fire fighters.  As they watched me apply the SafetyTat to my son’s arm, they gushed, “That is fantastic!”  The mothers nearby were asking, “Where did you get that? Where can I get one?”  I felt very savvy and a lot more at ease about leaving him for the day. 

My son thought it was so fun to wear his ‘sticker’ with my phone number on it.  When I offered to put one on his friend, the friend said, “No.  I know my phone number.”  But that got me thinking…  this product is great even if your child knows his phone number, because it works if your child can’t speak!  There could be any number of reasons a child would not speak when found by a stranger, from physical incapacity to something as innocent as shyness or following the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ rule!  ANY child can and should have a product like SafetyTat on when in a public place.  Of course theme parks are great places to use them, but think about the day-to-day things you do and your guard is down.  These are the most likely places a child will wander off… the store or mall, the neighborhood park; places where the family feels comfortable and you don’t have eagle eyes on the child every second.  That’s when I would MOST recommend using SafetyTats. 

I could share a ton of scary statistics, but honestly, no parent wants to go through the trauma of losing a child, even for a moment.  Using a product like SafetyTat, chances are better that if the child wanders off, you will be reconnected sooner.  Michele Welsh, mother of three children and Founder of SafetyTat said, “There is no better feeling than to know your product has helped reunite hundreds of wandering children with their caregivers.”

SafetyTats are sold online at www.safetytat.com, and are also available at numerous water parks, theme parks, museums and specialty children’s retailers nationwide. 

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