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Insignia Little Buddy Child Locator Gives Affordable Peace of Mind

Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker
Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker

I have been looking for a child locator product with GPS technology that didn’t break the bank for a while now. It seems as though hometown hero Best Buy has done just that.

The Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker system allows you to check your child’s location 24/7 using your smartphone or computer. GPS and cellular technology provide real-time updates on your child’s location, indoors or out.

Now before you get all ‘Big Brother‘on me, think about a few times when this could come in handy: school field trip, first day on a bus that requires transfers, flying to grandma’s house alone, camping, hiking, theme park, airport, family vacation, anywhere your child could go missing.  No parent wants to even imagine the agony of a missing child. Little Buddy gives you peace of mind, affordably.

Little Buddy is also a useful tool to help a child grow more independent. Set parameters and check-ins to help build trust for granting additional privileges. Your can set up areas where your child is supposed to be, like ‘at school’ or ‘in the neighborhood’ and receive text messages if your child leaves that area. Cheaper ‘wireless’ child locators don’t have GPS, so are only good if your child is within 150′ or so of you.  You also get a text message when the battery is low.

At about $100 for the device, it’s less than a third of the price of other GPS locator deviceson the market. But here’s the best part, you can choose a monthly service plan, or pay-per-use. So if you’re not the neurotic mom that I am, you can simply pay for the few times you check on your child. The 30-day free trial includes unlimited usage so you can see which plan will be right for your family.

*UPDATE*  This product and service has been discontinued.  Now that my child is old enough to carry a cell phone, I have not researched an alternative product.  If you know of any, please leave the info in the comments below. 🙂

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