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Expert Tips on Planning a Family Ski Vacation

photo credit: OnTheSnow.com

Winter is here, and now is a great time for a ski vacation with the family!  If you’ve never taken the kids to a ski resort for a family vacation, Travelocity Senior Editor Genevieve Shaw Brown shares some great tips on how to have the most fun, and stay safe.  Also check Genevieve’s post on the Top 5 Ski Resorts For Families to find the best place to stay.

Expert Tips for a Family Ski Vacation –
· If this is your first family ski vacation, or you’ve done it before but your kids are still beginners, make sure the mountain has enough terrain for novices.

· Keep in mind skiing is effort and your kids may not be up to doing it every day. Pick a resort with other activities on the mountain or nearby.

· If you have a baby and plan to use day care, make sure they will take your child. Some don’t take kids under two years old.

· Lead by example. Your kids may scream over wearing a helmet, but things will go much smoother if they see you wearing one too. Even if the ski school doesn’t require the helmet, this point should be non-negotiable – helmets greatly reduce the risk of brain injury.

· Reserve ski school ahead of your trip – they can sell out, especially during school vacation time.

· Don’t forget to factor in the cost of checking skis on your flight. Do the math and see if it makes more sense to rent equipment on location.

Genevieve Shaw Brown, senior editor at Travelocity, is the go-to travel expert for virtually all industry-related topics. Whether discussing the impact of recent industry events, tips on maneuvering through new policies and baggage fees, popular destinations of the season, or how to save money in the current environment, Brown can provide answers. You also can find Brown’s information within Travelocity’s popular travel blog, The Window Seat. (www.windowseatblog.com)

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