Berlin with kids: the kids check in at the Ritz-Carton Berlin
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Berlin With Kids: Ritz Carlton Gives Kids Royal Treatment

Berlin with kids: the kids check in at the Ritz-Carton Berlin
photo courtesy Ritz-Carlton Berlin

Berlin With Kids:  Check out the Ritz Carlton Berlin at Potsdammer Platz where kids are Royalty

The story of the Berlin wall is, in itself, enough reason to visit Berlin with kids.  To stand where history took place cannot be felt from textbooks.  “Open this gate, Mr. Gorbachev, and tear down this wall” are famous words uttered by President Regan when he was here in 1987 in front of the Brandenburg gate.  In Nov 1989 The Berlin wall finally came down.     It was quite a day of celebration on both sides of the wall.   For some it was a school holiday.

Just outside the front door of The Ritz Carlton in Berlin, on Pottsdammer Platz, is an exhibit and remnants of the Berlin Wall, which stood here less than 25 years ago.  In fact, it actually may have gone down the middle of our hotel lobby.    It is amazing to comprehend that the history of the wall is less than 25 years ago.

When a family with kids under 12 years old checks in to the family friendly hotel, Ritz Carlton- Berlin, someone comes from behind the desk to welcome this child personally to the hotel.  He/she is given a treasure hunt map with four tasks and 4 stamps to collect on his map.  If he collects all 4 stamps he brings it back and gets a prize.

Little Chef - photo courtesy The Ritz-Carlton Berlin

When he and his folks have breakfast in the morning, (a lavish and opulent breakfast buffet) the child is invited into the boulangerie (bakery) with the chef and can learn from him how to make his own waffles or crepes.  He leaves with his own little apron.  He is given a drink voucher and goes to the bar, just like Mom and Dad, to order his non-alcoholic drink.  If he is the right size, they bring out a Mercedes car  (pedal car) that he can ride around in the lobby or on the front sidewalk.  Talk about a family friendly hotel!!  Mom and Dad pay rack rate of approx 295 euros per night and the kids adjoining room is 99 euros and his food and beverage are ½ price.

Kids Tea Time: photo courtesy The Ritz-Carton Berling

When Mom goes to the Spa, Ritz Carlton supplies a nanny.  High tea is served everyday at 4:00 for adults, while kids have a game table at high tea with hot chocolate and cakes.

The hotel staff is international and provides un-matched service. “Ladies and Gentlemen, serving Ladies and Gentlemen” is one of the staff mottos. The lead concierge was named concierge of the year for all of Europe last year.  And if you have ever stayed at a Ritz Carlton than I don’t even have to tell you about the 5 star luxuries you will experience.  U.S. Presidents even stay here.

This Ritz Carlton has a charity: Sonnenhof of the Bjoern Schulz Foundation.  This is a hospice for kids with cancer.  This hotel supports this foundation not only with money but also with many services of the staff.  At Christmas time kids can post wishes on the lobby tree and guests can contribute to make these wishes come true.

Berlin is a great city for kids. I can’t list everything, but here are a few family activities in Berlin:

Two zoos: The Berlin Zoo and Tierpark Berlin

Childen’s science museum

Labyrinth Children’s Museum

There are many lakes and parks in Berlin, so there are all the activities you would associate with that.  In fact I learned today that Berlin has more water and bridges than Venice and Amsterdam.  What a surprise!!

And of course they will experience a part of history that we lived through “the story of the Berlin Wall”.

This is a great city, perhaps the most contemporary in all of Europe.  Wonderful gastronomy, the number one Symphony in the world and more cultural activity than you can possibly take in.   Even better, it is one of the lesser expensive cities to visit in Western Europe.

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If you go:

To book your stay: The Ritz-Carlton Berlin

Of course, there are many great family friendly hotels in Berlin.  To find the one that fits your style, browse the booking engine.   Click here for more Berlin hotels.

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