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Family Activities in Jamaica; Luminous Lagoon Montego Bay

Luminous Lagoon in Montego Bay

Check out everything about this natural wonder. We’ve got it here. And we have so many ideas for family activities in Jamaica, your family will never get bored. Find out why you should make Luminous Lagoon in Montego Bay a must do on your short list. Read on to find out all about Luminous Lagoon, insider tips, and reviews. 


There’s not as much as I thought there would be, and from what I could dig up on this natural wonder, I’m intrigued and it definitely piqued my interest. Sounds like a perfect place to take the kids while in Montego Bay Jamaica. Check out this piece I found from Jamaicans.com:

Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon – A Natural Wonder

A visit to Jamaica’s Montego Bay area would not be complete without enjoying a trip to the Martha Brae River and its spectacular Luminous Lagoon. The river is in Falmouth, Trelawney, and according to local legend, it is associated with Spanish Conquistadores. The Spaniards captured and tortured a local woman to discover information about a gold mine. When the woman finally agreed to take them to the mine’s cave, she disappeared and used her supernatural powers to change the course of the river, sending its waters crashing into the cave, drowning the Conquistadores.

Family Travel Scoop.com had a great post too about Luminous Lagoon: Things to do in Montego Bay; Here’s a snippet:

Rafting down the Martha Brae river is sure to be one of the most memorable family Montego Bay activities. The rafting is located about 40 minutes outside of Mobay. Hop aboard a bamboo raft and enjoy the lush Jamaican countryside as your guide paddles you down the peaceful river. Luminous Lagoon is one of the coolest Montego Bay activities to do with your children. The lagoon is located only 30 minutes drive from Montego Bay. Your kids will be thoroughly impressed with Mother Nature when they see the water glow in the dark. Take a boat ride to see the full effect of the microscopic organisms that live in the lagoon. They emit a phosphorescent light when the water is agitated. See more here and here about the Martha Brae River and rafting with a guide down the lazy river.

TOTTT from Negril Jamaica  on trip advisor says this about :

First, check out this link to see what the moon will be up to on the date(s) you thnk you might be going to the lagoon. In all honesty, the intensity of the glow in the water will be disappointing if you go five days before the full moon, during the full moon, or five days after. The moonlight on the water is so incredibly bright that it will outshine the luminescence of the animals. http://stardate.org/nightsky/moon/ The first boat goes out at 7-7:30pm…it needs to be fully dark. If it turns out you go on a night with a big crowd, check to see if they’re going to be using two boats…and if so, opt to ride in the old yellow one. It sits lower on the water and the kids will enjoy dangling their hands in as you cruise the lagoon. Also, try to sit on the side where the ladder is (to the right as you face the captain) and as close to him as you can to hear what he has to say. If you go out on the first boat, you should be back at the resort by 9pm. The food is fairly bland, and tourist restaurant priced. You might want to have something to eat before you leave from the resort, then on the way home, have your driver stop by Scotchie’s and get some decent jerk chicken and a cold drink.

Thanks Jamaicans.com, familytravelscoop.com, and trip advisor- for all the great info on Luminous Lagoon!

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