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Family Vacations are Good For You!

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Ahhh, the family vacation. Some dread it, and some relish the thought. But either way, you should take one at least once a year. Why? Well, family vacations are good for you, just like eating your vegetables. Yup, it’s true….in more ways than one. What? How could they be good for you?

Well, just like eating your vegetables, whether you like it or not, you should always plan a family vacation for the whole family to enjoy because not only can it bring you closer as a family unit, but a family vacation can uncover things about your children, spouse, and even yourself that you otherwise might not have known.

Dealing with everyday things like getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast, taking them to school, doing your chores and errands, picking them up from school, making dinner, and watching a little TV with the family might be a typical day for you. But a family vacation can really break up that monotony and bring the whole family closer.

Aimee Boyle from empowher.com has some really great advice about why family vacations are good for you…Here’s a snippet, Thanks Aimee!

Family Vacations Are Important

getting out of the daily routine of chores, responsibilities, school, work, familiar friendships and walking the dog can bring you closer as a family unit. Sharing “downtime” together, or experiences based on a sense of adventure and leisure can encourage crazy things like laughter, more deeply understanding and knowing one another, positive feelings toward each other and shared memories. Click here to read the rest of her article.


I love Aimee’s explaination! Didn’t you? See? Doesn’t a family vacation sound good now?

So save up your pennies and plan a family vacation with everyone in the family so they all have a say, and can all benefit from it.

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