Top 10 Things to Do with Your Kids Before the End of the World

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With all these end of the world prophecies, and doom and gloom going around, I thought it might be fun to make a list of the Top 10 Things to Do with Your Kids Before the End of the World, just to cheer you up. I mean, hey, why not? If it really is going to be the end of the world, (or a new beginning) we might as well make the best of it right? Read on to see my picks for the must-do things you and your family should do before it all ends.


And here’s a BIG Thanks to BabbleBloggers for the fabulous post and the ideas! (see the post here of the 21 Things to Do with Your Kids Before the End of the World).

1. Plan a trip to somewhere the kids have always wanted to go–– anywhere from  Disney World to Legoland. (see these posts for more choices; Top 10 Summer Vacation Destinations for Families, Adventure Travel Tips for Visiting Mayan Ruins with Kids: Part 1 of 3, Family Vacation Ideas.

2. Sit down with the kids and go through all the family photos, sharing with them stories of their ancestors, and your past.

3. Visit a major landmark, or one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

4. Let the kids choose where to eat out (even if it’s ChuckECheese), or at least let them pick their favorite meal.

5. As a family, choose a night, and play their favorite games with them (even if that means 4 hours of non-stop UNO, Monopoly, Candyland, or Checkers).

6. Pick a night and watch all those family videos you’ve never actually sat down and watched with the kids.

7. Buy them that kitty, guinea pig, guppy, or puppy they’ve always wanted.

8. Let the kids go on a shopping spree.

9. Don’t make them clean their rooms!

10. Sit down with each of them, tell them what makes each of them so special to you, the story of their birth, and how much they mean to you.


Ok, well, that’s that, but if you can think of  more fun family things to do before the end of the world, leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about your plans, or Join our community to get advice for a destination not covered, or to just connect with other parents who love to get out and about with their kids!  Our community is free to join.  Here, you can ask for advice or help someone out, read a blog or start your own, join or start a group, view and share photos and videos, and so much more.  Think of it as your own personal network.  Invite your friends, join today!



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