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Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Trip to SeaWorld | The Window Seat ®

Just a quick note to share my excitement for guest posting on Travelocity’s blog: The Window Seat today!  You can read the post here: Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Trip to SeaWorld | The Window Seat ®.

Update: that was a few years ago now and they have since taken it down.  Below you’ll find the article in full.

We love SeaWorld and I can’t believe how little I write about it.  So, expect a few more posts in the coming months expanding on our adventures.   Until then, enjoy!  And let me know what you think of the post by commenting here.

4 year old with Shamu at SeaWorld

My son is a huge animal lover, and he especially loves marine animals.  No matter where we go, his favorite attractions are aquariums.  Of course it’s a no-brainer that SeaWorld is hands-down his favorite theme park.   (You can witness his enthusiasm in his SeaWorld video review.

We’ve been to the Orlando and San Diego SeaWorld parks a few times each, and can offer some great tips for getting the most out of your trip.

Even though the parks are small and easy to navigate, allow at least a day and a half to take it all in.   Make dining experience reservations as early as possible.  Often if you wait until you arrive at the park, they are sold out.  However, there are many tasty, healthy and affordable dining options throughout the park that don’t take reservations.

The first thing you’ll need when you get through the gates is a park map.  Flip it over to check the show times on the back to chart out your day.  Choose which Shamu show you will see and plan the rest of your day around that.

Some insider tips:

  • Be sure to pack a poncho or buy one at the gift shop for each of you. Many of the attractions have splash zones and you’ll want to be prepared.
  • Keep your phone in a sealed zip-top bag at all times. You’ll still be able to use it without opening the bag and you won’t risk it getting soaked.  (Yes, this even works with an iPhone.)
  • Disposable waterproof cameras are very handy.
  • Hang around under the Manta ride (Orlando) to catch falling hats, wallets and loose change. (Keep this in mind when you ride it.)
  • Bring a light sweatshirt for the Penguin Encounter and Wild Arctic. It feels really cold in there.  On hot days, this is a blessing at first, but after a few minutes it’s just cold.
  • If you sit in the front row on the Journey to Atlantis ride, you will get soaked. To the bone.
  • Orlando has the better rides for adults and older kids (Kraken and Manta) in our opinion.
  • Beat the crowds by going in early spring or early fall (Sept-Nov or Jan-Apr) or during the week during the school year.
  • For young kids, the pet show is a must.

seaworld sea lions

Some of our favorite attractions are the Shark Encounter and feeding the sea lions.   The Shark Encounter allows you to walk through a tunnel while sharks swim above and all around you.  The sea lions are hilarious when they beg for fish.  Some will even perform little tricks for you.  Watch out for the greedy birds, though.  Some will try to steal the fish right out of your cup!

There are so many ways to see marine animals up close and personal at SeaWorld.  The stingray pool allows you to view and touch stingrays.  Dolphin encounters are always a hit.  On one particular visit in Orlando last year the dolphins were especially playful and wrestled right up against the wall where we were standing.  Needless to say, we got drenched.

seaworld dolphins

SeaWorld is great for families of all ages because it is super stroller-friendly, and because of its compact design.  Kids can see lots of animals without much time walking to the next exhibit.  Not only are the animals right up front and easy to see, many animals perform amazing acrobatic shows that delight visitors of all ages.

If you go:  Click here to save on SeaWorld Tickets here: SeaWorld – Save on fun as big as the sea.

About the author: Stephany Wiestling is an avid traveler and runs the website BestKidFriendlyTravel.com (https://bestkidfriendlytravel.com) where she shares family vacation tips from her own travels and from other parents who’ve been there.

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