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Maui Activities: Air Maui Helicopter Tours

One of our favorite Maui activities was with Air Maui helicopter tours.  We opted for the one-hour complete island tour.  When I told my husband that I booked this for us, he was stunned… “YOU?!  You booked that?!  Are you going with us?”  Yes, yes, and yes.

You see, I’m sort of a chicken.  And I get carsick really easily.  So the road to Hana, with all its twists and turns, did not appeal to me at all.  Plus, I didn’t think our 6 yr-old would enjoy sitting in a car all day.  And once you get to Hana, there’s not much there.  It’s a tiny town with nothing to do.  For many people, that’s what is so great about it.  You can get away from it all, unplug, and unwind.  I’m not one of those people.  So I decided that being sick for one hour and seeing the whole island of Maui from a helicopter was better than being sick for a whole day on the road to Hana.  (Carsick tip:  chew JuicyFruit gum!)

Of all the Maui helicopter tours available, how would I decide which tour company to choose?  Being a chicken, safety records were my main focus of research.  I decided Air Maui had the best safety record and chose them based on that.  We were not disappointed.  Not only was the tour safe, but it was really fun!   We were able to see where a scene from Jurassic Park was filmed, the Seven Sacred Pools, and more waterfalls than I could count… including one on the north end of the island that we had to fly under a cloud ceiling to see!  (Maui weather will determine what you will see on your tour.)

Now that I can check helicopter ride off my bucket list, I can really tell you that it was a fantastic way to see the island.  Doing the complete island tour was great to see Maui like you would on a map, and really get a sense of what this beautiful island has to offer.

Here’s a short little video of our ride:

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