Is Your Family the Next Reality TV Sensation?

photo courtesy: Doron Ofir Casting

How fun would it be if one of our readers became a reality star?!    If you make it to the auditions, let us know and we can share your progress and cheer you on!!


Doron Ofir Casting & A Major Television Network is searching for the nation’s most entertaining, MULTI-GENERATIONAL and/or EXTENDED MULTI-CULTURAL families. We’re not just looking for parents and children, we want grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles too! If your family is a cast of characters that live near one another and regularly get together for Sunday dinners, BBQs, and birthdays, we want to hear all about you!

My REAL Family

Over the years, TV has brought us different examples of family. Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch, All in the Family, The Cosby Show; they redefined stories of American families. Isn’t it time TV represented yours?

We are seeking diverse families with an array of dynamic personalities, real drama, and a penchant for hilarious comic relief.

Despite the dynamics, differences and dramas love and acceptance conquer all in a true definition of today’s real family.

Like the Keatons, the Seavers, the Ricardo’s, The Tanners, the Huxtables, or even the Addams before you ..

Is your family’s last name the next great television sensation?

Show us that home is more than where the heart is.

Apply now!!!!

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