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6 Essential Tips to Avoid Swimming Dangers – Sniffle Solutions

I found a great post over on Sniffle Solutions that warns us parents of 6 Essential Tips to Avoid Swimming Dangers – Sniffle Solutions.  The first tip is “Pay close attention when kids are even near water.”  This hits a major nerve for me for two reasons.  One reason is that I almost drowned as a kid and my mom was nearby, but engrossed in conversation with her friend and did not see me or help me at all.  I tried to get her attention, but could not stay above water long enough to yell and take another breath before going back under.  As I went under for the third time, I found my footing on the ledge and pulled myself out of the pool.  She missed the entire incident, and I am grateful for divine intervention.  So my plea to moms is this:  if you have an important conversation you want to get into with a friend, please do it at a playground, not a pool.  The second reason this hits home for me is that when I was treasurer of my local Moms Club, we had to collect money for a memorial of a 5 year old who drowned.  Again, the mom was there but took her eyes off her child for just a second.  With the freedom of summer coming into full swing, lets be diligent in giving our kids a safe and happy life.


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