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6 Ways to Cut Theme Park Prices –

Save on Orlando VacationsWhile theme parks tend to raise prices in summer in hopes of greater demand, we found a list of great ways to save money on theme park prices this summer over on

Here are their tips:

1. Buy online.  Whether visiting the theme park site directly or an aggregator, there are substantial discounts to be found online. (Shameless self-promotion: you can buy discounted tickets here on

2. Use social media.  If you follow your favorite parks on Facebook or Twitter, you could be privy to ‘secret’ deals available only to their loyal fans.

3. Get a season pass.  If it’s a theme park you will visit more than once, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a family season pass than individual tickets.  This is especially true for families of 5 or more.  Members often get other perks like discounts at the gift shop, parking, or events.

4. Buy Ahead.  If you know when parks raise prices the same time each year, you can save 10% by buying before they do, but watch the expiration date.

5. Go off-peak.  Certain times of the year, times of day, or certain days of the week can be considered off-peak at various parks. Going during these off-peak times can yield sometimes significant discounts.

6. Member discounts.  Organizations like AAA, Costco, and various other groups you may have affiliations with could offer discounts to their members.

Visit for the full details on their tips.

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