Kemah Boardwalk
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Visiting the Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Boardwalk
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If you are visiting Texas and in the Houston or Galveston area, then there is one place your family has to stop. The Kemah Boardwalk is a huge attraction for the area, and with good reason. A beachside amusement park with lots to see, do and eat, this is a great place to visit with your children. They have:

  • Roller coasters
  • Water play areas
  • An aquarium you can eat in
  • Reef and rainforest exhibit
  • Dancing fountain
  • Live music and entertainment
  • Fair rides for all ages
  • A train
  • A remote controlled boat pond
  • An ocean view

And there is much more! It gets hot in Texas in the summer, but Kemah is a great place to cool off in ocean breezes and water play areas. The kids will have a blast playing in the myriad fountains and sprinklers and you’ll have fun relaxing in the shade of palm trees and looking out at the sunset.

Stop for lunch and dinner at one of the dozens of tasty restaurants, or stay the night at a gorgeous beachside hotel. With free parking and surprisingly affordable prices, Kemah should not be missed.

Even better, after a large hurricane swept the area, everything was rebuilt and is now improved! Try out the new train that edges along the seaside, one of the largest roller coasters in Texas, and eat under the undulating waves of the aquarium, watching as sharks and rays swim by. A treat for kids and adults alike, Kemah offers something for everyone.


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