amazon book - my tourist guide to the universe
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Favorite Travel Books: My Tourist Guide to the Solar System . . . and Beyond

amazon book - my tourist guide to the universeI am always on the lookout for fun activity books and interesting travel books. This one caught my eye because my almost-8-yr-old son is really into space and the solar system right now.

DK Publishing always does such a great job making educational information fun for kids to devour because of all the pictures and little tidbits of information on each page.   This book will be perfect when we take a trip to either Johnson Space Center near Houston, or Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Telling the tale in the form of a vacation story just makes it even more fun.  I’m sure the space shuttle isn’t laid out like a cruise ship as in the book, but the book is about the planets and comets and other space destinations, and not the details of the space shuttle itself.   It’s a fun blend of fiction and facts, much like a Jules Verne-type story.   As long as it’s clear that not everything is fact, or even intended to be, I think kids will really enjoy this as vacation reading.  (My son already loves the Jules Verne stories, so this one with better pictures is sure to be a big hit!)

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