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5 Umbrella Strollers that are Great for Traveling

When it comes to traveling, your best piece of equipment is your stroller.  I have always looked for one that is lightweight, has good storage, a snack tray, and folds up easily.  I also prefer the seat to be able to recline for naps on the go. Here’s my list of favorite umbrella strollers in varying price ranges.

Contours Lite Stroller from Kolcraft fits all the requirements, plus has a shade built in and is reasonably priced at around $65.   The snack tray is roomy, even if it’s a little high, and is unfortunately not adjustable.  Storage underneath is plentiful and the stroller is compact enough to whiz around through theme parks or city streets.

The Combi Cosmo has a smaller storage area, but is very lightweight, has a good snack tray and folds up nicely.  It reclines fully and easily for naps on the go.

The Bumbleride Flite is sturdier than the others, hence the price, but comes with a rain cover that normally would cost up to $60 more.  It also fits most car carriers eliminating the need for an expensive travel system.

The Joovy Kooper Umbrella Stroller has a unique design in an umbrella stroller, flexible canopy with a peekaboo window, and supports kids up to 50 pounds.  No snack tray here, but there are some accessories available to take care of this.  The upside here is that if you buy an add-on snack tray, you can adjust the height.

You can search here for a snack tray for your umbrella stroller if you choose one that does not have it included.

Do you have an umbrella stroller that has worked well while traveling?  Share your favorite umbrella stroller in the comments below!

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