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Good Vibrations at The Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach


My family and I had the pleasure of being hosted to one of Myrtle Beach’s most popular attractions last night… Good Vibrations (at the Carolina Opry). This show is super family friendly, even if some of the jokes will go over their heads. They have an afternoon matinee or -if you have little night owls- an evening show that lets out at about 9:30pm. Toe-tapping favorites from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s keep the evening lively and fun.

This is not the Nashville Opry, nor is it meant to be. Leave your expectations at the door and enjoy the show. The biggest highlights for me were the performances by All That! — a high-energy, clogging group that makes tap shoes look tough and manly! You may have seen them on America’s Got Talent, and apparently they will be on again in a couple of weeks, so you can get a sneak peek at them there. Whenever they were onstage, you could just feel the energy in the room rise.

The cast did a fantastic job of matching the original songs. There were times that I forgot I was not watching the original artist!  My 7-yr-old son really enjoyed the show, and loved the comedy routines in between – even if he didn’t get all the references – and especially loved the laser lights. If the lighting effects in this show were any indication of what you’d see in their separate LIGHT See the Music show, he would love that, too!

This is not a dinner show – which should be obvious by the show times – but it is right next door to Pirate’s Voyage (which IS a dinner show), so worth mentioning. You can buy standard movie theater snacks and beverages before the show or during intermission, if you are hungry. The location is fantastic… only 10 minutes from our hotel, the Sheraton Broadway Plantation – which is next door to Broadway at the Beach. Preshow starts about 10-15 minutes before showtime, so get there early.

Good Vibrations is a long-running production here, not limited time. It alternates nights with the other production, The Carolina Opry.

One interesting tidbit is that Calvin Gilmore’s productions are the original live variety shows on the Grand Strand. Gilmore came out to Myrtle Beach in 1986, when there was no live entertainment and the sidewalks pretty much rolled up after labor day, and opened the first live variety show. His shows were the only ones in the market for 8 years until national media began to highly acclaim his shows and that is when he sparked the entertainment scene that you see here today. Many theaters began coming out to Myrtle Beach to copy his model (some right down to hiring the same architect!) but none have been able to match his attention to detail and his keen eye for stellar productions. Gilmore’s shows remain the local industry standard and the visitor favorite. If Calvin Gilmore had not taken a risk on Myrtle Beach so many years ago it might not the be year round visitor destination that you see today.

If you go: Get tickets online at http://www.TheCarolinaOpry.com or call 800-843-6779.

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