photo courtesy Cavalia
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Cavalia Mesmerizes and Delights the Whole Family!


photo courtesy Cavalia
photo courtesy Cavalia

Although there is no shortage of family activities in California, I highly suggest taking the whole family to see Cavalia.  Cavalia is an amazing show that will mesmerize the whole family!  Think cirque del soleil but with horses.  And the horses are unbridled, meaning they do these performances of their own free will.  We saw them in Minneapolis and sprang for the VIP seating and backstage passes to meet the horses.  One of the moms at the school bus stop the next Monday asked me if it was worth it.  For us, totally!  My son is an animal lover, and to see horses perform in a setting like this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Plus, we’re the type to spend money on memories over toys, so again for us, totally worth it – even the upgraded seats!

The storyline is touching, the settings are beautiful, the acrobatics are breathtaking … the entire show is captivating! If you will be near one of these shows, I highly recommend it!

Cavalia is currently in San Jose, CA and will be there through August.  Go here for tickets.  Next they will be in San Diego starting November 13 – 25.  Tickets for that show are here.

Cavalia 2011 photo copyright Stephany Wiestling

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