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Showcase – A Civil War Wedding in Virginia

History comes to life in Richmond, Virginia at this unique Civil War celebration.  “A Civil War Wedding Reception and Dinner” is a re-enactment of the 1863 marriage of John Redman Coxe Lewis and Miss Maria Bradfute Freeland.  Visitors to this unique family attraction become wedding guests or join the wedding party itself.

Help kids learn about the Civil War by acting out characters from the families, reading their diaries, eating historically accurate food, and dancing to historically accurate music.  As a huge fan of historical fiction films and books, it would be so fun to be a part of that production!  This also seems like a wonderful and unique way to spend a family reunion or group event.

What a great way to learn about history – by embracing the lives of two people in love during a time of war.  And a great time to learn about the Civil War… this year is the 150th anniversary.

Follow the Facebook page to read diary entries from Maria, and see photos from the original wedding and those from recent re-enactments.

Everyone will enjoy this fun, music-filled fete, and it’s a perfect way to spend the evening with the one you love. Take a step back into a bygone era and revel in the timeless romance and merriment . Come enjoy a very special evening!

For more information, call: 804-683-6114 or email: acivilwarweddinginvirginia@gmail.com

The event takes place at the Hilton Garden Inn in Richmond, 501 East Broad St., Richmond, VA 23219.

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