Showcase: Haunted Louisiana: Mansions of the South


I found a great post by CajunMama (aka Shannon Hurst Lane) on Friday over on TravelingMamas.com just in time for Halloween: Haunted Louisiana: Mansions of the South.

I have an old travel guide to haunted houses that my 8 year old son just pores over.  He has read this thing from cover to cover and would love nothing better than to stay in a haunted house.  This is the same kid who can’t handle the motion-activated Halloween displays at Target.  I don’t get it.

Either way, he will not be staying in a haunted house until he’s an adult, because I won’t be staying in a haunted house at all.  I am way too chicken.  There was a time when I firmly believed in all that haunting stuff, and even though now I’m not so sure… I’m not going to chance it.

But if you are braver than I am, and quite honestly a bunny is braver than I am, you may actually enjoy any of these haunted mansions in Louisiana.  They really are so lovely and if not for the ghostly occupants, I would love to stroll around and admire their beauty.  I am a sucker for southern architecture.

I encourage you to not only read the post Haunted Louisana: Mansions of the South, but if you follow the links in the post, she shares some hair-raising ghost stories (especially at The Myrtles!) that are perfect for Halloween!!

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