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Give Your Child the World with Little Passports!

Want to give your child the world?  Now you can with Little Passports!

Not only do we love to travel as a family, but we love learning about other places and their cultures.  Maybe it’s the side effect of going to an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, or of our family vacations, or something else entirely.  But, whenever my son sees a movie or reads a book, he wants to know about the country in the story and what it’s like to live there.  In fact, after watching Cars 2, he wanted to go to London to see Big Ben.  And when he found out fish and chips (his favorite meal) was a traditional food, he was hooked!

Little Passports brings the country and the culture to your child through their ‘pen pals’ Sam and Sofia both offline and online.  Each month, your child receives a package in the mail from Sam and Sofia with a letter describing their adventures, along with fun souvenirs unique to that country, gifts (activity sheet, suitcase sticker, passport stamp, photo from the country and more), and secret codes to use in the online game at LittlePassports.com.

Kids love getting mail, and even more so when the mail is full of goodies like these!  They’ll have so much fun playing, they won’t even realize they’re learning about geography, too! (ps. great for homeschoolers or camps!)

As a foodie and wife of a chef (and mom to a picky eater), I love that they talk about different foods in each country.  My son might be willing to try new foods described in the letter that he would not ordinarily be willing to try.

An exciting new development is the upcoming USA edition available for pre-order!  Since our own country is so large and diverse, it makes sense that we would also want to explore it like a pro!

Start your subscription and give your child the world!

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