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All Things Legoland Florida- and a Birthday Surprise!

My son’s 8th birthday was last weekend and we surprised him with tickets to Legoland Florida… a bucket list location for him.  To be fair, we were going to Orlando anyway, and I was given one pair of review tickets (but still had to pay for his and the other days’ passes)… we just didn’t tell him about it so we could surprise him with a trip.   We slipped the brochure in his birthday card, and he was very surprised!

In the spirit of our upcoming trip, I will share some Legoland Florida travel guides and books, along with some of his favorite Lego sets, in case you have a young Lego Junkie like I do.

Travel guides:

Lego Books:

Lego Sets:
Monster Fighters: (just in time for Halloween!)

I will report back on our trip upon our return and share any fun tips we learn while we’re there!!  Until then, enjoy all things Lego!!  Oh, if you have any Legoland Florida tips for us, please share them in the comments below!  Thanks!!

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