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Cramped Economy Seats? Not Always – Check This List to Get More Legroom


Being tall and flying economy class is often an uncomfortable mix.  And when kids are crammed next to strangers, it can make it even more uncomfortable for everyone.  If finding more legroom was as easy as choosing an airline by name, the world might be a more peaceful place.  But at least now, thanks to Routehappy (a New York-based startup building a flight-amenities search engine and social network), there is a way to get a better idea of how much space you’ll have on that flight from New York to San Francisco.

If you don’t want to take any chances, fly JetBlue or Virgin America if you can since they have the same size planes -and with roomy seats- wherever they fly.  If you’re ready to dive deep into airline math, read Skift.com’s article to find out how to get the max legroom at an economy price:  Why U.S. economy fliers can count on JetBlue and Virgin America for more legroom – Skift

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