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Top 6 (or 12) Funniest Animated Kids Movies for Adults (and Kids)

My husband and I were at a weekend getaway with some friends who had grown children and were unfamiliar with the likes of today’s animated marvels.  I, for one, have always been a kid’s movie addict.  Even before we had our son, heck, even before I met my husband, I had Disney videos (VHS back then).  And now, with Ice Age and Shrek setting the standard for today’s kids’ movies entertaining both the kids and the adults who care for them, kid’s movies aren’t just for kids anymore.

Our friends wanted to know which movies they should watch, since they haven’t seen any and didn’t want to risk getting something lame.  So I will share with you the list that I shared with them.  Because when we travel, everything we pack has to do double duty… in this case entertain both adults and kids.

These are our favorite kid’s movies for the whole family.  And they’re just as funny if you have no kids with you, in my opinion.  In fact, I sometimes watch them after my son goes to sleep!  (shh… don’t tell!)

Ice Age 1 – 4  (Scrat the squirrel brings me to tears he’s so funny!)

Shrek 1 – 4  (Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy… snarky and awesome!)

Despicable me (if you have ever been a parent, you’ll find this hilarious!)

Megamind (Tina Fey and Will Ferrell… need I say more?)

Shark Tale (this one’s a little obscure, but if you love Robert DeNiro and mafia movies like I do, it’s great!)

The Incredibles (this one is more of a guy’s movie in my opinion, but pretty funny just the same)

Did I miss your favorite?  There are new ones coming out all the time, and they just seem to be getting better.  Please add you favorite to the comments below!

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