A Little Epiphany on This Magical Day…

Hello my Dear Readers,

It has come to my attention that I have gotten a little off-track with my postings.   I have been reminded that you are coming here for help when researching your family vacations.  And that my vacation photos and news tidbits, although interesting, do not fit that need and should therefore be used only in addition to the core message:  Which hotels, beaches and activities in a given city are the most kid-friendly?

Duh.  How did I lose sight of this?

You have my sincere apologies to you for getting distracted (life gets crazy after all), and my public promise to change that starting today.  (Well, tomorrow, technically.)  Each post will feature a list of the most kid-friendly hotels, beaches or activities in a given area.  Every now and then I will give special attention to one, particularly if they made my visit there extra special via free admission, awesome giveaway or backstage tour or something worth noting at length.  But I promise to keep those as a bonus and not the core posting style.

I’ll also stop posting the roundup of family travel deals here, since you can just go to the deals page to find them all:  Deals.BestKidFriendlyTravel.com.  Or, you can get the newsletter and have them delivered to your email so you don’t miss any.  No need to be redundant.

I have also been asked to put some of this great info into a guidebook form.  I am happy to say that I am working on that as we speak!  I intend to start offering the guides on Kindle to keep them light and easy to bring along.  I also plan to add a few treats for the kiddos in them.  Fun things ahead!

So please enjoy this magical day – 12/12/12 – (the last repeating date for a very long time) and come back tomorrow to see the new format!






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