Whale Watching in Maui - photo copyright Best Kid Friendly Travel
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They’re Back! Guests of Four Seasons Resort Maui Experience the Return of Humpback Whales

Whale Watching in Maui - photo copyright Best Kid Friendly Travel
Whale Watching in Maui – photo copyright Best Kid Friendly Travel

My family still talks about our trip to Maui and watching the humpback whales play in the open water, and this photo shows that sometimes, they will come right up to the boat!

This is a great “Bucket List” travel opportunity and perfect destination for families looking to get away for spring break.

Between November 2013 and April 2014, (yes, there’s still time!!) a band of unique visitors will return to Four Seasons Resort Maui to take up residence and regale the five-star resort’s guests with a spectacular show not soon forgotten. 

That’s right, it is time for the majestic 50-foot humpback whales to return to the warm tropical waters right in front of the hotel.  

“Every year we get to welcome these much beloved whales to our shores,” says Four Seasons Resort Maui’s General Manager Jean Claude Wietzel.  “Our guests look forward to experienceing the show mother nature’s creatures put on for them.  Our guests tell us the memory of the experience is something they cherish for a lifetime, and something they love to share with family and friends.”  

The resort team has come up with an array of opportunities to help guests enjoy watching these gentle giants of the sea—everything from:

  • Catamaran sailing,
  • Kayak tours,
  • Hawaiian outrigger experience,
  • Helicopter tours,
  • Whale photography exhibition by the Cesere Brothers who serve as “artists in residence,”
  • Wai-Vari water treatment therapy is offered by Four Seasons Resort Maui’s spa.  Embracing the return of the humpback whales, guests hear the soothing symphony of whale sounds an in-ocean weightless experience designed specifically for relieving physical discomfort and mental stress. Now who can’t benefit from that?
  • Resort Sightings: Nuzzle up with your loved one in a Naupaka Casabella or lean against the edge of the Serenity Pool, watching the whales put on Maui’s greatest show right in front of the Resort.

Whatever the level of adventure, the resort’s highly talented concierge team can customize a whale watching program. Many are complimentary experiences!

Check out this video for some amazing footage of these beautiful animals:

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