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White Water Rafting is a Great Family Summer Activity in Colorado

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Are you a first timer white water rafter in Colorado?

White water rafting can be scary if you have never experienced the rapids yourself. While there are many adventurous trips, there are also many family fun and beginners trips over the summers in Colorado. You can experience a half day trip, a full day trip or an overnight rafting trip. It is safest and most fun to go with a company and leverage their guide’s experience and knowledge of the rapids.

You will be safe because there are educational tutorials for safety before every white water rafting trip. Additionally, you will be wearing a life jacket and a helmet for pre-cautionary measures while cruising down the river. For more information, click here for a great post about first time white water rafting in Colorado.

Please note the rapids go in order from Class I to Class VI. Class I and II and easy to navigate and are great for beginners, first time rafters and familys. Class III is for intermediates. Class IV and V are for experienced and for the very adventurous. Class VI is not suitable for anyone or anybody. They are extremely dangerous rapids.

Best Rivers and Places in Colorado to Go Rafting during the Summer

Colorado River near Denver:  Through multiple canyons, dips and turns, the Colorado River is the classic spot for rafting in Colorado. With great family fun trips and more adventurous routes, the diversity of the Colorado River provides an experience for all.

Arkansas River in Colorado:  The Arkansas River is one of Colorado’s most popular white water rafting spots. Known for their fun and exciting rapids, this river is steep and drops 5,000 feet during the first 100 mile stretch. The surrounding nature and beauty makes the Arkansas River a must raft. Great for adventure and thrill seekers.

Click here to learn more spots and rivers in Colorado.

The best time to go white water rafting is Memorial Day through Labor Day. However, many trips run from late April through October.

3 Tips for experienced White Water Rafters

  1. Don’t put sunblock on the back of your legs. Remember the boat can be slippery and you don’t want to fall off!
  2. Don’t go barefoot. It is best to wear sandals with straps for support. Also, just in case you fall out you don’t want to cut your feet.
  3. If you fall out, remember to ball and float down the river. Don’t extend your arms and legs to avoid cuts and dangerous rocks.

Remember to bring on your white water rafting trip:

  • Change of Clothes
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen

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