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8 Family Fun Things to do Around Laguna Beach CA

by Larry Berle

  1. Pageant of the Masters— See masterpiece paintings come to life on the stage during Pageant season in July and August.  https://www.foapom.com
  2. Legoland – An amusement park where everything is made from Legos: elephants, giraffes, The Sydney Opera House, The Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and even the NY skyline.  If that’s not enough Legos for you, stay at the Legoland hotel inside the park.
  3. Explore the tide-pools on the beach and learn about the fascinating creatures that thrive in a tide-pool environment.
  4. Take a Whale and Dolphin watching adventure cruise— see the dolphins that call this area home and during Whale migration season, see the Blue Whales, the worlds largest known animal.
  5. Stay at the luxurious Monarch Beach Resort (formerly St Regis at Monarch Bay) and partake in the many activities offered by the Sandcastle Kids Club. Voted Worlds best family resort by Travel and Leisure. www.monarchbeachresort.com/
  6. Visit the Historic Queen Mary. Take a tour of the legendary cruise ship, stay overnight or just have dinner www.queenmary.com
  7. Get in the Ocean and go surfing or parasailing.
  8. Catch the Catalina Express and visit the famed Catalina Island just 26 miles away.

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